Electroplating rectifier,High-frequency plating,PCB plating rectifier, SCR plating rectifier,Salt spray test machine, Plating hard chrome anode plate. - Electroplating additives and chemicals related categories

Electroplating additives and chemicals related categories

Model Name.:Electroplating additives and chemicals related categories

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  • Application: Electroplating related equipment and workshop miscellaneous supplies
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Product Feature:

Second-hand products for sale, rare opportunities 

Used machinery mould: 
Name: Blower, dehydrator, hot air dehydrator, metal polishing machine, chromium bath sulfuric acid detector, chromium bath trivalent chromium colorimetric tube, acid copper chloride ion analyzer

Name: Dosing pump / Magnetic pump / Vertical pump / New self-priming pump / Filter machine / Water stop pvc valve / Power switch / No fuse switch / Aluminum anode titanium hook Sewage treatment automatic control host .

(Unused products, self-priming pumps, filters, water stop pvc valves, heaters, titanium baskets, etc ...) 

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